Sunday, April 12, 2015

WAKE UP AND DREAM...Part 2 (complete with VIDEOSONG!)

During a conversation with fellow songwriters, someone posed the question, “What makes some people give up...yet other people rise to the challenges of life?” I realized what keeps me going. I need to keep a dream in focus, at all times!

In a previous blog post, I mentioned a song that I had written, called Wake Up and Dream, and I also mentioned that I was planning something really special with this song. 
I recently collaberated with longtime friend and producer, Daniel Lee of Boonelight Productions, in creating a videosong of Wake Up and Dream. Interspersed are snippets of interviews (conducted by Daniel) that celebrate the hopes and dreams of various people who keep their dreams in sight.  Here are some specifics:

Song written and performed by Dorothy C. LeBlanc.  
Videography, audio, editing, lead guitar, percussion:  Daniel Lee.  

I hope you enjoyed the video...and please feel free to share.   Soon I'll share more about this song that is so very special to me...

Until next blog post, peace and love to you,